Jack Sparrow
Tasting Room Consultant

Jack Sparrow - return to family
Have you met the other big man around the winery yet?

To catchhim, you’ll need to visit at the beginning of the work week. Rumor has it that Jack only works in the tasting room on Mondays and Tuesdays because on Monday, the golf course is closed and Tuesday is Ladies Day!

Having lowered his handicap from a 33 to a 13, over the last two years, hasn’t really been a stretch for this world class athlete and world class guy.

Jack grew up in Marin County, California, where leading his team as quarterback of the Novato High School Hornets led to a full scholarship to play football at the University of Pacific. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, in 1963.
But unfortunately, a diploma wasn’t the only thing he left with. In the 2nd game of his sophomore season, a terrifying injury (broken neck to be exact) put him in the hospital.

Jack, most fortunately after three days, was able to wiggle his toes and get on the road to recovery. Rehabilitated and determined to play again, Jack asked his parents to sign a waiver so that he could finish his college career. The remainder of his college playing days went so well that Jack received an invitation to try out for the San Francisco 49’ers after graduation.

However, upon learning of his past injury, during the latter rounds of the tryouts, the 49’ers declined to make him an offer. Instead of pro football, work as a consultant to a company dealing in railroad mergers was the first stage of Jack’s professional career.

Some years later, Jack was responsible for the management of several very well known golf
courses including: Tucson National in Tucson, Arizona and Ironwood in Palm Desert, California. The restaurant business was the next challenge to conquer. Jack owned and operated the “Offshore Bar and Grill,” in Lake Tahoe for seven years. Jack and his wife of seven years, Sharon, made the decision to slow the pace down a bit and moved to Santa Maria, in November of 2003. Lucky for us, Jack was looking for a part time job that would allow him to indulge his lifelong love of hospitality and wine.

When he isn’t golfing, you can find Jack holding court around the BBQ or indulging whichever of his eight grandchildren happen to be visiting. In the short time he has been with us, Jack has become a terrific Ambassador for Fess Parker wines and a favorite of everyone at the winery.

Incidentally, he thinks our Rodney’s Syrah is almost as good as a hole in one! Almost . . .

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