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2002 Ashley’s Vineyard
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Vineyard Sources: 
100% Ashley’s Vineyard from Fess Parker Estates in Santa Rita Hills appellation.

Barrel Aging: 100% Barrel aged in 1/3 new French Oak for 10 months.

Alcohol: 13.7% alc. By vol., T.A.: 0.70 g/100ml, p.H.: 3.56

Production: 1200 cases

Tasting notes:
This vineyard makes for a slightly leaner and more elegant style of chardonnay with melon, citrus, pear and light butter notes on the nose. Again on the palate, citrus, melon and pear are predominate with a light, buttery appeal, excellent balance and a lengthy finish. This wine will pair extremely well with fish and shellfish in lighter sauces and fantastic with stronger, more “outgoing” cheese courses.

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