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Barrett Crandall
May 5, 2014 | Barrett Crandall

Epiphany Cellars Spring Pick-Up Party

This past Saturday Epiphany Cellars wine club members were invited to come out to Los Olivos to pick-up their newest wine club shipments.  Along with their shipments, members had the opportunity to taste a selection of Epiphany wines, enjoy artisan wood-fired pizzas, and dance to hits from the 80's. 

While the band was warming up, the oven was already hot cooking up pizzas to order.  Pizza choices included: The Blue Mushroom (mushrooms, blue cheese, and 18 year aged Balsamic vinegar), Meat & Heat (pepperoni, thick-cut bacon, jalapeno, red and sweet onions), and The Cheese (a four cheese blend of Pecorino Romagna, Asiago, Gruyere, and smoked Gouda).


Music for the evening was provided by an incredible local band bringing back the best hits from the 80's, The Molly Ringwald Project.  With their high energy and upbeat performance they had our members dancing all party long.

Thank you to all of the Epiphany members who came out to have some fun with us and a special thank you to the Molly Ringwald Project for providing the amazing entertainment for the night.  

This coming July we will be doing our first ever pig roast at Epiphany, more details to come.  


Melissa A Rivera's Gravatar
Melissa A Rivera
@ Dec 21, 2015 at 5:07 AM
Thanks Barrett for sharing the post about Epiphany Cellars Spring Pick-Up Party. It is great to gather people and organize such amazing parties to have the best time enjoying these Epiphany wines and enjoy an artisan wood-fired pizzas with the music.

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