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Barrett Crandall
August 25, 2014 | Event Recaps | Barrett Crandall

SummerFess 2014

On August 16, we celebrated our 2nd annual SummerFess here at the winery.  On what would have been Fess Parker's 90th birthday, the 25th anniversary of the Fess Parker winery, and the 50th anniversary of the Daniel Boone show, we had good cause for celebration.  

To kick off the festivities we did a special retrospective tasting of Fess Parker benchmark wines from the past 25 years.  The tasting took place in our estate barrel room and was led by Head Winemaker, Blair Fox, Winery President, Tim Snider, and Winemaker Emeritus, Eli Parker.  The wines poured were all rated 93 points or higher by notable publications such as Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, and Wine Enthusiast Magazine.  

As early evening approached, the festivities moved out onto our lawn where we had live music from the highly talented Ventucky String Band, barbecue from gourmet food truck, Georgia's Smokehouse, and artisan wood fired pizzas prepared by our winery chef.  

As the Ventucky String Band cleared the stage it was now time for a very special Daniel Boone reunion and panel discussion.  Actors Darby Hinton, Ed Ames, Rosey Grier, and Veronica Cartwright, along with producer Barney Rosenzweig shared stories and memories from there time on the Daniel Boone show.  

As day turned into night, it was finally time to turn our attention to the big screen.  Two Daniel Boone episodes were viewed by family, friends, and fans on this warm summer evening.  It was a great way to end a very special day here at the winery.  

We wanted to say a big thank you to the Ventucky String Band, Georgia's Smokehouse, Darby Hinton, Ed Ames, Rosey Grier, Veronica Cartwright, and Barney Rosenzweig for taking part in SummerFess and helping to make it a great and memorable day.




Diane Skuba Collins's Gravatar
Diane Skuba Collins
@ Sep 26, 2014 at 11:00 PM
Dear family and friends of Fess Parker, This is a typical fan letter. :) We were raised Disney, as my grandmother and grandfather moved to Buena Park from the San Francisco Bay Area when my grandfather got a job as a carpenter building Disneyland. Consequently we went every summer to Grandma's and to Disneyland. At home we watched every Davy Crockett they made and showed on "Disneyland". While we are at my grandmothers she made my brother (7 at the time) a pair of Davy Crockett pajamas. Heaven! We were sad when they took out the Mike Fink keel boats and Indian country at Disneyland :( . As a side note: My mother in law told me when my husband was making fun of one of our daughters' childhood fears that HE was afraid of Mike Fink and hid every time he came on the screen. Ha HA. He didn't appreciate that revelation, but I did and I razz him as needed still. The episode was on recently that had the Mike Fink actor as a guest star on Daniel Boone, and I couldn't WAIT to tell my husband. LOL. We also watched the Daniel Boone series. That is really why I wanted to write. Also that his birthday was two days later than my oldest daughter's and his spirit ascended on my other daughter's birthday. As I recently retired, I have been able to watch Daniel Boone every morning at 9 on the "classics" channel MeTV right after Leave It to Beaver (on Comcast anyway). This is MY idea of retirement........ I saw on a commercial for INSP (the inspiration channel) that they're having a Daniel Boone 50th anniversary marathon....can't wait. Just wanted to let you know that there are plenty of us that remember (the five brothers and sisters behind me also) your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, friend. I just got to view all the photos in the Shooting Gallery also. Memories... Much success on your ventures. I've been a Latter Day Saint ("Mormon") for the last 16 years so no longer drink, but I will plan on a trip for a stay or visit to the inn.

Best wishes, Diane Skuba Collins

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